About us


We take pride in the ownership of our full service jewelry stores, which cater to each and every one of our customers. Founded in 1998 by twin brothers Joe and John, Gemelli Jewelers has become a staple in the community with a solid reputation of providing an old fashioned neighborhood shopping experience. At only 23 years of age, Joe and John put all their savings and even borrowed money to start what would become Ridgewood and Maspeth’s premier jewelry stores. We repair and custom design all types of jewelry and watches. Our goal is to make the all the items being repaired to leave the store looking as good as they day it was purchased. We only hire great people and teach them to give the great experience that our customers have come to expect. Our goals are simple and wish to share them with you below.



Enhance the value of the Gemelli brand by ensuring that we are the most trusted independent jeweler in our neighborhoods because of our authority, expertise, and service excellence.


Inspire the loyalty of our customers by being the most trusted and value driven jeweler in Queens.


Build strong relationships to our clients, communities, and industry. Believe that this is the foundation of a family business and a point of difference for our Company. Gemelli Jewelers seeks to employ individuals who share this commitment, and are personally involved in supporting it.


We seek to hire individuals who treat Gemelli’s as they would their own business, think and act with initiative, commitment, and attention to detail. We sweat the small stuff.


Gemelli’s offers quality. Our selections are well manufactured, beautifully designed, and tastefully wrapped, so that each gift is special.